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Our design work focuses on human-centered design, design thinking and service design. We collaborate on projects big and small and create bespoke teams for the specific needs of projects. Our work spans the design cycle: research, strategy and execution across all channels.



Firma consistently generates research as a part of our overall organisational purpose. This includes research conducted for design projects, academic research and research projects. We have a strong focus on qualitative, human-centered methods.


Business and product development

Approaching business and products through a human-centered lense can provide surprising insights and innovations. It can also provide real differentiation that’s hard to copy.


We offer a range of educational services from corporate short courses, curricula development, to consulting to institutions. We currently partner with the Museum of African Design and the QUAD Digital Academy. Also, take a look at our newly launched workshops…



We believe strongly in knowledge sharing and open access. Publishing our work and the work of others is one way to do this. We publish anything from posters to books.