Firma has been busy with research, writing a variety of academic papers and presentations for the past four months. Here’s a brief overview.

Cumulus, Milan:
Our paper presentation of the Firma Model went down well at Cumulus and we received some great feedback. Better still was the conference which contained great content, great people and was held in different locations around the city allowing us to really get a feel for Milan. It was a particular highlight to be at the famous Politecnico di Milano.

One other highlight was the meeting of folks from around the world who are part of the DESIS Network. Our paper will be published in the conference proceedings.


The UX landscape of South Africa:
We’ve been working with Dr. Marco Pretorius (of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the Western Cape Government) to conduct a survey of the landscape of UX in South Africa. The last time such an inquiry took place was in 2003 so this is long overdue.

The results have been presented at SAICSIT and will be published shortly in their proceedings. Jason and Marco will also be presenting the results at the UX South Africa conference on the 25th of November 2015 in Cape Town.


UX Strategy Forum (Sociomedia), Metaphase workshop and IA Camp, Tokyo:
The incredible folks at Sociomedia brought Jason to Japan (along with Dan Klyn and Peter Morville) to participate in the UX Strategy Forum for Summer 2015.Outside of Tokyo being utterly mind-blowing (the people, the city, the culture) the conference was superb as well. On the first day Jason presented the Firma Model and on the second, the application of the Model.

Prior to the conference, Jason conducted a workshop on the use of the Firma Model with staff from Metaphase (one of the sponsors of UXSF). We got really great feedback and the work by the Metaphase folks was amazing. This workshop will be repeated at UX South Africa in Cape Town on the 24th of November 2015.

Lastly, Jason presented “The design behind the design behind the design” at the Tokyo IA Camp organised by Concent.

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